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Exynos S10+ Battery drain on Beta


My exynos s10+ is DRAINING excessively with the new beta software. While I was sleeping, the phone has lost nearly 23% of its power where the screen is on for just 20 minutes post a full charge. The power management for the exynos was already very bad with the Android Pie software for the exynos variants. (unfortunately I am unable to attach the screenshot with this post) 


The general expectation is that with a newer version of OS the battery should always get better no matter what. I believe that should be the same with my phone as well. 

I wish this issue gets fixed somehow. I have already submitted a report as well. 


@TomaszT just tagging u to bring the issue to your notice. 


@Gav4b  Yeah, that's the one I have. 

What network are you on? Today's usage is looking like 4 hours 40 minutes screen on time. 

I'm on EE , but after receiving the new beta update today battery has been going down quicker will wait and see what it's like after a day or so phone feels a lot faster tho

Hows it doing now ? Any improvements ?I'm same s10 plus ee on beta ,I've done absolutely everything possible to change the behaviour of it and nothing changes, about 6 hour sot to 6 n half 


I can't complain about my battery. Have a lookScreenshot_20191122-080532_AccuBattery.jpg


How on earth did u achieve this much battery life? Are u owning the Snapdragon version?

If u r on exynos, sharing a few tips and tricks would help a lot of other users too..

I've never quite understood accubattery's estimations. Even Samsung's.

For me its saying 7:35 estimate for total battery screen on time but I know from every charge ever on this device (S10), that's nonsense. I never get more than 5 hours. Usually between 4 and 5 hours. 


I'm currently at 87%. 

11% used in 44m of screen on, 2% used in 27m of screen off.

Its suggesting 7:35 screen on time and 12:23 combined.

So I should get another ~11 hours before needing to charge. Or at least 6:50ish of screen on time.

Its 8:15am. I'll post back in 8 hours with an update (if my battery isn't flat).


Same here on My S10+ on optimised mode no difference in battery life from when I was using high performance mode.Would state though that there is a issue with my network in my area could be affecting things for me.


Screenshot_20191122-122355_Device care.jpg



Looks fine to me. Remember its beta so battery is not going to be it's best