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Samsung ssd m.2 980 pro died after 1 year and Samsung support presently unable to fix or replace

(Topic created on: 17-04-2023 10:22 AM)
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My Samsung ssd m.2 980 pro (2TB) recently died. 

I got a notification on the boot up screen saying the drive was about to fail and wasn't able to login to windows. So cutting a long story short I had to purchase a new ssd and reinstall windows.

The Samsung ssd drive has gone into read only mode and I'm getting notifications that is should be removed. The smart scan does not work, the firmware says it can't be updated, but the full scan did work and there are many bad sectors.

  1. I contacted Samsung for a fix or replacement and was asked a set of questions which I answered.
  2. But they then said it was an US warranty and there was nothing they could do and I needed to contact Samsung US or the seller.
  3. I wasn't aware it was a US warranty when I purchased this on Amazon UK (I reside in the UK).
  4. The original seller has been more helpful, but it's past its return period and their is not much they can do.
  5. I have emailed US support about 3 days ago but have not received a reply.

I'm not sure what else now I can do apart from log a complaint. But this has also been very hard to do and Samsung support said they don't have any contacts for where a complaint can be logged (which seems a bit odd!). I certainly don't intend to purchase any Samsung pc components again.

Does anyone have a contact/email where I can complain about this issue?