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SAMSUNG SSD EVO 860 500GB causing files/folders to disappear in Windows 10

(Topic created on: 30-05-2019 12:39 PM)
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Computers & IT

I upgraded to this drive a few days ago.

Overall I'm pleased as my laptop a Sony Vaio with intel i.5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz and a 64 bit operating system is running faster.  I did a clean reinstall of Windows 10 a few weeks previously so I would not be cloning any registry bugs to the new drive.


However whenever I try to do a custom scan of a file or folder most the folders and files are not showing up in the 'select folder dialogue' box.  The folders are showing up in my documents but when I click on a folder the files are not there.  Strangely the only folder showing in the downloads folder is Samsung Installer - my other downloads do not appear though they are visible in Windows Explorer.


In Windows Explorer all the files/folders are as they were.   I have tried various fixes such as rebuilding my index and selecting 'show hidden files/folders'.  No difference.  The drive condition is showing as 'good' in Samsung Magician.

Any advice appreciated