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samsung neo g9 issues and how to produce some of them

(Topic created on: 19-08-2021 06:41 AM)

I have lot's of problems with my Samsung Neo G9 some of them was also present int the older model. 

1) Scanlines 
2) Miss colored 1cm lines horizontally all over the screen (hard to photo, but easy for eye to see)
3) HDR not working (just dimmed ugly colors)
4) Color shift flickering

Scanlines: (Seams to only appear in 240Hz mode. not 120hz)
If I have a dark windows with example white text I can produce insane visible scanlines by doing:
1) Local Dimming: Auto / Off
2) Open a windows with dark background and some light areas like texts 
3) If I change the contrast level on the screen some contrast points will produce insane visible scanlines. 
I have my contrast level at 45 now to get rid of most of them. Depend on window open it seams like there are some
sweets pots in the contrast level that create those scanlines. If go over that point, or under it they disappear. 

Color shifting:
For me it's mostly visible when I have grey areas open. But I can see some color shifts in all kind of windows. 
They happens mostly when some are change color. Like a progress bar, a button that change to a on hover state. 
Sadly it's hard to explain how to produce this. I can easy produce it in Visual Studio in dark mode when I create a new project and move mouse over the Create button. 


Lines over the screen:
The visible annoying for the eye discolored 1cm high lines:
I have tried HDMI, same result, Tried DP, same result, tried other Hz and dimming settings same result. 
It seams to be the panel it self. It's like:
Every second 1cm high areas have a slight darker color. Mostly notice it in solid background colors like:
White, Blue Grey. 


It kind of hurt my eyes, kid of in the same way as watch a image with lines. 

So is this a case to return it? Is this something you silent guys at Samsung know about? 
Is this something you know that a firmware can fix? I do not have so many return guaranty days left. 
So it would be really nice to get some information. 

Asus RTX 3090 Oc Nvidia
Asus Dark Hero motherboard


still no one from Samsung that can come forward and speak? 

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I bought a g9 Neo and also have scanline issues.

Called Samsung Support and well no fix from them for it.

So after days and days of testing i finally fixed it myself.

Black Equalizer is the cause of the problem it seems you cannot have it set above 14 (only tested at 240Hz). might be different at 120Hz.

I haven't tried it below that setting but for me my scanlines in web browsing has gone.

I can have local Dimming on Auto once more.I have my Contrast at 75 no issues and Sharpness at 60.

I have heard of people fixing the scanline issues by dropping Contrast like you've discovered but at some point you can't read text.

VRR Control still needs to be on in the system section, and sadly everytime the monitor is turned off or goes into standby it will switch itself off.

That will require a Samsung fix in firmware. but give that a go.
Every day i need to turn on VRR Control.

Few other settings that are bugged..Picture Mode must be Custom, if you use sRGB like i first did it looks the best. but it will create random flickering and blacklight flickering.

I just left mine at 50 for all the Colors though 48 on Blue seems to be more accurate.

you combine all those settings and your scanlines should be gone.

HDR is completely broken leave that off as well.

You will notice now also the blacklight randomly going bright for the whole screen while scrolling a webpage of photo's is also gone.

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Any have this problem. Only for 5sec after turning on the display.


WhatsApp Image 2021-08-25 at 15.08.12.jpeg




Additional data point, the scan lines appear in monitor generated menus while at 240hz also.  It’s not the input end of the image pipeline, it’s a panel refresh issue.