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samsung oddysek ark disconnecting with Game Mode On

(Topic created on: 03-09-2023 09:19 AM)
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I've had the Samsung Odyssey Ark for several months now and a problem persists that is making this monitor unusable at times. In short, when loading into a game, with the Game Mode On option of the monitor and Input Signal Plus On, in order to get 165Hz, the screen will often turn black. Sometimes immediately when loading into a game, other times some minutes into the game. Turning the monitor on and off does not help. The only thing that helps is turning Game Mode Off, thus limiting the monitor to 60Hz. Then the image comes back. After exiting the game, even when I turn Game Mode On again, the image will mostly be okay.  Though sometimes it happens that the monitor completely loses connection with my PC, saying that there is no HDMI connection. Restarting the computer usually fixes this.  I have tried adjusting many monitor settings, turning the box on and off, disconnecting and reconnecting all the cables.  Nothing seems to do it. I have bought several high quality HDMI cable to try, but it made no difference. I had hoped the problem would go away as the software of the Odyssey Ark get updated, but it has not. I am thus desperately asking for help on how to address this. Should I ask for the monitor to be serviced?

Finally, the problem seems to have been encountered by other people, as illustrated by this Reddit post:

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Im having the same issue and I have a Radeon/Ryzen setup. Monitor loses signal for a few seconds when playing games. Getting a different HDMI cable didnt help. Turning off FreeSync helps a little, it happens less often but it still happens. Frustrating