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Samsung G5 Odyssey refresh rate stuck at 60 hz

(Topic created on: 09-03-2023 02:12 PM)
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I have a G5 Odyssey 27" with connected to an AMD Radeon RX 6600 via a DP. My display settings only allow me to select 60Hz refresh rate, even in the screen properties there are no more options.

I have downloaded the device drivers from the samsung website and i have installed AMD Andrenalin to its latest version.

I have tried a different DP cable.

I have formatted the windows from scratch.

I have tried switching the resolution from the screen menu but then it goes black and i have to reset to original settings.

I have tried creating a custom resolution, which allowed me to get the 144 hz option in screen settings but when i selected it the screen also went black.

My screen did the same in my friends' PC that has the same GPU but when i switched to 144 Hz from the OSM menu it actually worked on his PC but not mine (remember same GPU)

Moreover the same black screen occurs when i turn on Freesync and andrenalin says it is not supported even though it supposedely is.

Please help me with this ive been trying to solve for months, thank you very much.


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