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Samsung CLP -365W Blinking Lights & Unuseable after firmware update

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I recently updated the Firmware on my CLP-365W printer which was working perfectly fine minutes before.  After updating all the lights started flashing and the unit cannot be powered off (have to unplug).  No button is responding.


I have googled this and many people have had the same problem with the firmware V3.00.02.19.


I only use Samsung Toner cartridges.


As well, I cannot seem to undo this as when I go the the firmware updater all it says is 'You have the latest firmware' - which is the problem.


I want to do a factory reset but cannot find anyway to do that either.


Any help would be appreciated.



Hey @sanman_11., sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing with your printer. I recommend getting in touch with HP who now provides support, servicing, and existing warranties for Samsung printers.

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Were you able to get it fixed? My printer is having the same problem


Just happened to mine too! ALL genuine Samsung. Thought I would update the firmware as there was one. Now printer is useless. THEY NEED TO SORT THIS!

Update: I called them.  The first tech support guy said he can’t do anything.  I asked for a supervisor and they put me onto a second person.  He was great, he actually showed me why the first firmware process was wrong - even though you use their installer.  So we tried the new way.  After 2 attempts with two different computers, he told me the original attempt to download the firmware probably wiped out the old one and probably never got the new Version on thus rendering the printer with no firmware.  This is why the printer cannot be recognized by any of the 2 computers we hooked up- the computers don’t recognize a printer with no firmware.  So bottom line is I can’t apply the new firmware because the computer has to recognize the printer in order to do that.  So now I have to try to find a technician that can flash the firmware onto the printer in another way - he says that’s possible but will cost $.  So I am on the hunt.  If anyone knows how to do this let me know.

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I had same problem with my Samsung Xpress C410W. I had a bit paper jam.then firmware upgrade then all light blinking and not-usable anymore. I had non-genuine toner. xxxx Solution: even though HP says you can not backward firmware upgrade, you can!

I did it and now mine is working*****

what I did:

go following web address and download old firmware:

then download it and unzip it. I disconnected my computer from internet and uninstalled all Samsung softwares. then I connect printer through USB (computer recognized my USB printer though). then I ran SL-C410W_V3.xx.02.02.exe and waited till green lights solid. everything is fixed now *********

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