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Odyssey OLED G9 Firmware 1310 Settings Reversed and Frequent Black Screen Issue

(Topic created on: 15-02-2024 10:21 PM)

Running 5120x1440 , 240hz, HDR on, VRR on , Gsync On, 12 bit colors on HDMI 2.1b

Peak brightness settings reversed- off" is actually brightest setting which is essential for HDR.

HDMI black level settings reversed - normal is low and low is normal 

No HDMI black level control option when Gsync disabled -  When Gsync is disabled,  above mentioned HDMI black level setting is blocked which I cannot find a reasonable explanation for.  This ties into the primary issue many users are having:

Frequent black screens, screen goes black for 1-2 seconds, some users longer and then the picture returns.  According to Samsung this is Gsync related. I did try Gsync off in Nvidia control panel and did not manage getting another black screen therefore I have to believe Samsung here yet some users are reporting the issue coming back after some time. By all means this is isn't a solution however workaround for some for the time being ,if you don't care about loosing HDMI black level control.  According to Samsung they are aware of the issue and currently working on the fix.  Major question here is:


              SAMSUNG WHEN? 


UPDATE 02/27/2024: Followed up on the issue with Samsung. Nothing for an update other than:

I understand and no worry, as I will personally monitor the ticket to check the status from time to time to ensure that you will be updated.
Thank you for patiently waiting! Ticket has been successfully submitted with ticket number: *****. Please expect to receive an update within the next 24 to 48 hours.
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