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Odyssey G7 144/240 HDMI/Displayport issue.

(Topic created on: 05-02-2024 03:52 PM)
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 So, my monitor "blacks out" at times. At first i thought it was random. It appeared that way at first 8 months ago, when i bought it.

I was running windows at the time, and i'm not sure if i "got used to it happening", or if it just stopped happening to frequently?!
 But about 3-4 months ago, i switched to Linux. And it started happening all the ***** time. At first i didn't really see a pattern, but as time went on, i started to notice... It only happens when i start a program, or an app. But it doesn't always happen.
Starting something, triggers it to "black out", but not 100% of the time. More like 80-85% of the time.
A couple days ago, i noticed something else, when i was setting up my computer after i've moved...

 I accidentally plugged it in, via the HDMI cable, and it would only run at 144Hz. At first i thought i had forgotten a setting somewhere. But then it occured to me, that i had the wrong cable plugged in.
 So, i unplugged the HDMI, and put the displayport cable in. Bingo. 240Hz again.

And... Instant "black out"...

Worth noting, that when i say "black out", i mean, the monitor turns of, like it looses signal from the GPU, for anything between 1 to 3 seconds... And then comes back... May not be the BIGGEST issue, but it is frustrating...

 I then plugged in the HDMI, and tested it to the best of my ability. Zero "black out"... Plugged in the displayport cable. Blackout.

 My graphics card as 3 displayport sockets, and the monitor two...

 Regardless of how i switch between those sockets, the result is the same...

Anyone with some knowledge in this, who could enlighten me, and maybe even offer a solution ???