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Odyssey G5 flicker- persistent!

(Topic created on: 08-02-2023 01:44 PM)
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I have two 27" Odyssey G5 monitors. One from 2020(?), one from 2021. One is connected via DP. The other via HDMI.  I've sent the 2020 monitor for repairs due to black spots slowly appearing, and intermittent brightness flicker. The panel was replaced and the monitor worked fine after that, I think this was in May 2022.

I just registered the 2021 G5 for repair as it is also has a brightness flicker that becomes more obvious each day. I haven't sent it over yet as I need to get a temp replacement for it. However, since yesterday, the 2020 monitor has started flickering again. Now I have two flickering monitors.

It's some kind of brightness flicker. A part of the screen (near the middle) loses and gains brightness rapidly. It is barely noticeable in the beginning, but the longer it goes on, the worse it gets to the point of being super annoying. The first time I saw it, I thought I was crazy because it was so subtle, but over time it just gets worse and very noticeable. I have a feeling that there's too much pressure being put on these panels somewhere in the middle maybe due to the curve?

I've looked online to see if this was a common problem, but I'm not sure if the problem people are describing is like mine.  I've tried so many things. Vsync on, off, freesync, gsync, changing the refresh rates, updating firmwares,  drivers, BIOSes... DDU... I'm at a loss. 


I'd like to know for sure before I send both of these to the repair guys:

Is this just... a G5 thing? Does this just happen?
Will the flicker break the monitor after a while or is it just an inconvenience?
Has anyone else had this problem and has it fully disappeared for them after repairs?
Is there some known incompatibility with other hardware? Software?
Do I maybe need a specific cable version for them?
Can I bribe them into not flickering in some way?


Please help! I'm not sure what to do. I'm not mistreating these monitors. They are mounted neatly next to each other with a Neomounts and I never move them around or even touch them. I also had this issue when I used the normal feet that came with the monitors. Perhaps someone here knows what the issue could be? I'm hoping it's something really obvious I missed.




ETA: I'm using Windows 11 pro
nVidia GTX 1660 Super


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Okay so now the monitor that has previously been repaired is showing a blackening spot again... I'm guessing this monitor type is poorly built. That's unfortunate because my partner also has two of these... Feels like they will inevitably poop out like mine are doing right now.

Does anyone know if the G7 has this problem? I'm a bit wary about purchasing one as the G5 has so many faults. I'm thinking of swapping to another brand entirely since I'm seeing threads about flickering on many types of Odyssey monitors... Not very reassuring.


If anyone's reading this: recommendations for a similar 27" monitor? Or should I just try the G7?