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No audio through Bluetooth headphones unless I reboot

(Topic created on: 28-09-2023 09:40 PM)

Hi. Using headphones with my Book2 Pro 360 is frustrating, as the only way I can get them to work is to reboot Windows.

They pair and connect fine, in Sound Settings they are selected for sound output, but no audio. If I switch to my laptop speakers, get audio, switch back, no audio.

This happens on Samsung, Sony and Google headphones.

Weirdly if I use the playing audio troubleshooter in settings/system, they work when the dialog box is open, but don't when I close that box.

But a reboot with the headphones connected fixes it, until I turn the headphones off.

Very annoying, any ideas?

Galaxy S22 Ultra
Galaxy Book2 Pro 360
Galaxy Tab S7
Galaxy Buds2 Pro

I have the exact same issue. Book3 Pro 360. Headphones work ok when the laptop starts but will start stuttering until they eventually give no sound after about 30mins-1hour of starting the laptop. If I start the laptop and leave it for a few hours before trying to connect, they don't work at all. So it definitely seems to be related to time since start up. Tried re-installing Bluetooth drivers etc but no change. The little line on the volume bar that moves up and down to indicate sound is playing is still active and moving though so it obviously thinks it is playing something, but no sound is coming out. Happens with multiple headphones including Galaxy buds so definitely a laptop problem, nothing wrong with the headphones. 

I've googled and seems to be a few people with the same issue but can't find any solution. Any ideas? Next step is factory reset but I haven't got round to it yet.