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need a firmware update link for my SE-506BB/TSBD Samsung Blu Ray Reader/writer... HEEEEELP

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I need a firmware update link for this blu rAY WRITER I HAVE CONNECTED TO MY mAC MINI ..

Was working just fine until yesterday and now wont allow my mac to recognise discs etc..

says each time

dISC not recognised or disc corrupted ... says it on every single one and Apple advised my to get a firmware update for this... sAMSUNGS WEBSITE is impossible to find one for it



Hi @macheadincov.


Samsung external hard drives etc. are partnered with Seagate, so is this site any good for you:

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Hi @macheadincov! Has this issue been reolved yet? Please let us know!

Not yet ... I've manages to get the drive recognized and run DVD and a standard blu ray throughtbut, but won't read the 3D blu rays at all !!
Tried several different ones and gave software to run it, but does seem as if the 3D driver is completely missing or something ?
Very frustrating

are you serious, Samsung support? Have you ever been to the Seagate support site? They only accept a request when entering a serial number of their own product.

Its not our problem, its yours. so please help immediately and get in touch with them yourselves.

This is a waste of ime for several people, who have the face problems




Hi all. This direct link to the Samsung/Seagate drive support site might be better for you. 

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Why can't samsung have the drivers of the products that they put thier name on? 


Again this is not helpful.

When entering the serial number, the product can not be found.

Besides we are not talking about hard drives, but about an external BD player.

We expect a sloution and not hidden hints to get whats needed. This is exhausting





Dear Samsung,

Have the same problem.

Seagate does not offer anything related to Samsung external BD 506.

Please provide firmware update.

Thank you to avoid customer disappointment.



Plus there seem to be unofficial homepages that refer to Samsung BD drivers. It seems like others are using this lack  of support by Samsung to free ride ...


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