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Galaxy Book Pro 360 Battery Issue

(Topic created on: 22-07-2021 03:59 PM)
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I have purchased this tablet as my daily driver.  I connect to a USBC HDMI hub for my monitor.  I have two issues.  When I am connected to the charger that was included in the packaging, there is always a yellow ! on the battery icon.  Even when it is connected and charged to 100%.  After I have used the laptop (sans charger) and plug it back in for charging, the yellow ! is still there and the message is "slow charger"  (I have plugged into the wall outlet, but still get that notification when I'm plugged into the power strip)  Conversely, if I use a different (non-factory) charger I get an alert that says I am not using a stock charger and I could damage my battery for charging too fast.  (too fast??) All while still displaying the yellow ! (it never goes away)

Also, when I have my USBC hub attached, I receive a warning that my "USB device might need more power.  Your PC might not provide enough power to the USB device.  Please connect your device to external power, or try using a different PC"  (my new laptop is telling me not to use it??) 

Both of these issues happen no matter which USBC Port I am using.  However, it seems the charging prefers the right side port, while still displaying the warning sign.

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The same thing happens when I connect my hub to my Dell XPS. I don't use a Dell hub so I've always took the position that it just to force you into buying their own hubs.