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Galaxy Book 3 360 black screen issue

(Topic created on: 01-12-2023 11:09 AM)
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I bought a Book 3 360 in July. Firstly it wanted a BIOS update which I ignored but then did.  

My screen now goes black when I am using laptop. Don’t get me started on when I fold it over to tablet mode.  Sometimes I just look at the laptop and the screen goes black. 

when it first happened I thought it needed charging, when it happened again I realised this was not the case. 

I have reset it 4 times myself. 

drivers and software all up to date.  No power mode causing it to randomly go black. 

it has been to Samsung who found no fault as everything up to date but when I set it back up (it came back having been recovered) the intermittent issue is still there. 

Samsung had me do a BIOS reset followed by a Samsung recovery. 

I went to set it back up after carrying out the recovery but 5 seconds in the screen went black. 

to say I am frustrated with it is an understatement. 

online chat said book it in for another repair.  

online booking computer said no because it had been in for a repair - go to online chat!

it has now been escalated and I await a call. 

I know someone will contact me but I am interested to know of others who have had this issue.  

when it kept happening to me initially I went online and quite frankly was surprised by the amount of people with the same issue who had also had it in for a repair only for it to be returned with ‘nothing wrong with it’


in ideal world Id like a new laptop or a refund but I know neither of these will happen.  So in reality I just want to hear that others with this issue did get it fixed.   Please! 


Hi @Members_JTBo1XE 

Did our Support Team get back to you on this, and if so, what was the outcome?