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easy settings for windows 10 on samsung NP700Z5A


Hi, I have a notebook samsung NP700Z5A. After replacing windows 7 with windows 10 I am no more able to retrieve the Samsung easy settings and I don't have anymore the Fn buttons working.

Can you please tell me how to reinstall Samsung Easy settings and the Fn buttons?

Many thanks for your help.

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Superuser I
How did you update the tablet? Was this a Samsung update?

it is nit a tablet but a laptop. I installed windows 10 and then the samsung update, but it doesn't work properly, SOme fn keys work some others no. If I push the canc button it work as "push out" dvd.. 

Sorry, I know I mentioned tablet but realise you are referring to a laptop. If this was a copy of Win10 purchased from anyine other than Samsung you will not have their software on there. In relation to the keyboard, you probably need to install the correct drivers. You could go into device manager and I would expect to see a yellow triangle warning against thr keyboard. You can try and install drivers this way or by downloading from the manufacturers web site


After a ton of try outs, this is the situation (and yes, I managed to fix it)

Ideally Samsung's Windows 8 Update SW would still be working, but the server is dead (this provided upgraded drivers for this model (and many others) that would work with Windows 10).

So we're stuck with the Windows 7 drivers...

Installing the Easy Settings is blocked in Windows 10.

The fix is to follow this guide

After the reboot^, rename the Easy Settings setup.exe to setup2.exe, then run it. It will install. Reboot. Very everything works as needed (the easy settings app will crash randomly, but it does run long enough to check settings if you want to use it, but most importantly, all the Function keys work as original. 

Restore the registry setting, and reenable User Account Control (unless you keep it off, which is a bad idea), reboot.
Everything will still work after.

If you're having trouble still with an messages, disable Smart Screening in Defender as well (in Windows 10 2004 it's under Reputation Based protection). 

This worked for me, and even survived a Windows upgrade from 1909 to 2004 build.

EDIT: another fix is to use this utility    and use the /f option with it to remove the digital signature that triggers Windows' ridiculous protections. After you run it on the file, it should work fine. I just tried to run Easy settings after setting all protections back up again and it blocked it again, so I used this and it's running perfectly.

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I found an easier way, that worked for me:

1. Install Samsung Update via Microsoft Store, choose your model & OS and download the software
2. Install the downloaded Samsung Setting software
3. Reboot

I need the FN-keys mainly for the fan, which had become very loud. Now it is much better with silent mode (FN+F11-key on my NP 900X3C). RAM-Upgrade unfortunately is not possibile due to firmly soldered RAM...

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