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CRC Error on 2TB SSD 850 Pro

(Topic created on: 05/11/18 10:35)
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my two and a half years old SSD (2TB 850 Pro) already reports some bad values in Samsung Magician SMART monitor:


Reallocated Sector Count: 4

Uncorrectable Error Count: 206 (FAIL)

ECC Error Rate: 206 ( FAIL)


I have a larger file (2GB) on that drive that has not been touched since I formatted the drive and which can no longer be read (CRC error). Each time I try to read the file, I get a new CRC error, and the ECC and Uncorrectable error count increases. I noticed that because I get errors in the True Image backup log file, as well as in Windows Event Manager (Source: disk, ID: 7, Description: The device, \Device\Harddisk0\DR0, has a bad block).


I am using Windows 10 1803. The drive has a 250GB TrueCrypt encrypted system partition, a 1,6TB TrueCrypt encrypted data partition, and some GB unallocated free space. The file in question lies on the data partition.


My question is if there are known problems for Samsung SSDs together with Full Disk Encryption software such as TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt and/or Bitlocker. I could imagine that the SSD controller, since it only sees a large part of flash being occupied by white noise, cannot handle it well, but this is the first time I see that this would result in data loss after only 30 months. I mean, if I would like to store 2TB of whit noise on my SSD, I would assume no problem whatsoever, especially if for that reason I bought the expensive Pro edition.


On the other hand, the SMART values indicate a hardware problem. I guess this qualifies for the 10 year warranty. I therefore would also be glad if anybody could explain to me how to proceed to get my replacement unit.