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Will Dolby Atmos sound work from an external drive connected directly to my Q85R TV?

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I have a HW-Q90R soundbar connected to my Q85R TV via HDMI ARC. Dolby Atmos works perfectly when watching movies or series on the internal Netflix app.

However, will Dolby Atmos sound also work when I connect an external drive to my tv directly via USB? I have some ripped Blu Ray movies with Dolby TrueHD 7.1 sound on the drive and I'm wondering if it will work. Or would I need something like an NVIDIA Shield or Xbox One S to be able to play the sound with Dolby?

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Hi, it seems that it cannot.

I have the Samsung Q80R tv with the HW-Q80R soundbar and i havent been able to make it work.
I tried with multiple .mkv files with TrueHD7.1 Atmos loaded from TV's USB port but no luck.

After some research i crossed into this samsung link for USB files, where at supported Audio formats, Atmos is not listed.


In case someone else has a solution please any response is welcome.

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