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The HW-Q950T does not support Atmos in games either via direct connection or via eARC.

(Topic created on: 18-10-2020 10:28 AM)

Hello, the title says it all.


I have an HW-Q950T. I have tested this also in my HW-N950 and a friend's HW-Q90R, on the same equipment.


Connecting my GTX 1070 directly to the HDMI 1 of the bar, I do not get Dolby Atmos in any Windows Atmos game I have tested (and they all worked fine with the HW-N950 and the HW-Q90R).


Windows Spatial Audio uses Dolby MAT, which is height metadata over multichannel PCM.


This 1.500 euro soundbar does not support multi-channel PCM, and it is therefore impossible to get Atmos in Windows games.


When connected via eARC, if the TV does a passthrough, the TV recognizes Atmos just fine, but the soundbar either will not play Atmos, or nothing at all. The only way to get Atmos is to connect via eARC and have my TV transcode which induces delay.


This is terrible. You are advertising the surround capability of this bar with game consoles and even claim HDMI 2.1!!!

The thing below says to enjoy surround sound with the Xbox and the Switch. The Switch can only work with Stereo with this bar and the Xbox cannot send Atmos game content to it.


This is where it claims to have HDMI 2.1



Please report this to your engineering team. It's a disgrace. Models from three years ago could do this.


Hi, I have same question,it makes Windows games can't  get Atoms,because Atmos in Windows games base on multichannel LPCM.


Multichannel LPCM is essential for connectivity and this bar doesn't support it. It's the only product on its price category that doesn't support it.

It makes sources like:

  • PCs with Atmos (Works over LPCM)
  • Nintendo Switch (Only LPCM surround)
  • PS4 Pro/PS5 (LPCM offers better quality that DD or DTS, with this bar LPCM is not available)

Samsung, is there going to be a fix for this? 
There are rumors online that this could be fixed with a FW update but your support team says that this is unconfirmed. What's going on?



I had contact with Dolby, they actually reply to requests and their product costs $19 instead of $1,900.


The bar does get Atmos in Windows games, but it cannot read a header properly so it doesn't roll the "Dolby Atmos" sign. You can verify it by setting it to "Standard" and listen to the height speakers. I can verify it does work.

Dolby says it's an aesthetics issue, but it might also interfere with any processing the bar might have to do to "spread" the audio correctly to non-standard channels. As far as I can tell, the audio is OK in that regard.

The Playstation still cannot work with uncompressed audio, and the claimed HDMI 2.1 is simply a lie. Also the back speakers and the sub will turn off by themselves 2-3 times per week, and I will have to reset them with the power plug. I'm not talking about a disconnection, but about them not turning on at all (no light or indicator).

The lack of any response here is fairly disgusting, and good proof for a small claims court.