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Spotify Connect doesn't detect HW-Q90R soundbar


I have purchased recently a HW-Q90R soundbar, and after installing it seems impossible to connect with my iphone's spotify connect.

I have installed fw 1008 in soundbar and in subwoofer & rear speakers following the samsung's web intructions. SmartThings app shows 1008 version and the soundbar is properly added and connected to the same wifi network of my iphone. I can play spotify songs with bluetooth, but I cannot use Spotify Connect because the soundbar doesn't appear in the spotify's devices list, even with the soundbar in Wifi input. I have disable the option "Show only local devices", and my account is premium. With my computer and with my previous Yamaha receiver the Spotify Connect works flawlessly.

I have resetted the router, reinstalled spotify, reinstalled smartthings app (and granted all permissions it asks for), remove and re-add the soundbar to smarthings app, select Wifi input, and nothing.

Can you help me to make this soundbar works with spotify connect? Thanks!!

@Nulheim: Sorry to hear that you're having issues connecting Spotify to your soundbar. Please can you follow the link below to find steps on how to establish a connection via the Multiroom app, and let me know if this resolves your issue.

Hi AndrewL,


I've installed the Samsung Multiroom app from Apple Store. To add the soundbar the application asks me to press the "SPK ADD" button, I imagine that in my soundbar it corresponds to the "NETWORK" button. The confirmation sound is heard but Multiroom is not able to find any device.


The soundbar was previously connected to SmartThings app, but after following the instructions I have lost connection with SmartThings  and Multiroom is unable to find it. I am worse than before.

@Nulheim: Have you previously connected to any other speakers using Spotify Connect? If so, I recommend 'forgetting' the connection via the app settings, as the support page mentions that it isn't possible to connect to more than one speaker at a time.



Thanks by your help. Every test I've done has been directlly from my iphone, not connected to any speaker/device. I've removed the soundbar from SmartThings app, delete all user settings from samsung account, reinstall SmartThings, add the soundbar with other name and reconnect to wifi network.


I've tried too to reinstall spotify, reset the router, reset the soundbar, and nothing. Allways trying when "wifi" input mode is selected in the soundbar and connected to the same wifi network (checked in smartThings app). Frankly, I don't know what else I can try.

@Nulheim: Really sorry to hear that your issues have persisted. I've checked the Spotify support site and it looks like it might not be possible to connect to a soundbar, as it is not listed amongst the devices that the app can interact with.

A lot of people are using Spotify Connect with their soundbars. If Samsung's soundbars are not compatible with Spotify, I will sadly return it and buy one from another brand. 


Thanks for your help and time, Andrew!


Hi there,


I recently experienced the same problem. I previously had my HW-Q90R soundbar connected to spotify, when I set it up for the first time. It worked fine for a couple of weeks.


In order to try and solve it I have tried the options you suggested, but that did not work for me either.


When I check my network, the soundbar is connected and seems to work fine.

connection over bluetooth is working as well.


So, I began to wonder if this could be a network related issue. It occured to me that earlier in the day I had a power outage and my router had reset because of it. I went through the logs on my router and noticed the soundbar recieved a different IP adress then before. I changed the IP adress back to the adress it had earlier and the soundbar popped up in spotify instantly. I'm not sure if its a problem that's related to Spotify or the Soundbar, but this worked for me.


I gave the soundbar an IP address reservation in my router as well, just to be sure this does not happen again in the future.




The soundbar doesnt even work with the multiroom app! Samsung dont seem to have a clue! The best way is to press the bluetooth button & connect your phone to your speaker. Wich isnt really a solution.


Or install spotify on your tv wich still isnt a solution.


I have noticed samsung products seem to have serious compatability issues. I have spent an absolute fortune on their products & am seriously going off them as i cant seem to link any of them how  i need to. 


All i wanted was a completely hands free & hassle free smart home solution!!!

I have had the same problem, I’ve even returned the soundbar twice

Keeps on disconnecting, when it finds the soundbar, it connects but than after a couple of seconds disconnects and start playing on the phone.

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