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Soundbar front display not turning off

(Topic created on: 26-12-2018 07:06 PM)
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Hey! After spending sometime googling this issue, I cannot determine if the front LED display of our soundbar can be turned off.  It’s rather annoying when watching tv and the display is stills turned on.  I’d rather try and address the issue than simply throwing a cloth over top to hide it.    We have the HW-KM36.  I saw that we most other models, the remote comes with a “dim” button to fix this exact issue however our remote does not have that. Hmmmm....

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I had a similar issue with my LG Soundbar as it always displayed LG Opt on the front.


I appreciate it's not a Samsung model but the reason I'm replying is that I then noticed a sleep button on the soundbars remote control. 


Yours might have a similar button ?


The only issue is when I turn the TV on standby the soundbar goes into standby and when turning the TV back back on the LG name re appears.


In the end I couldn't be bothered to keep hitting the sleep button and after a short time now look past the display.


I hope you find a solution. 



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