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Samsung Q95T and LG Sound bar issues

(Topic created on: 24-08-2022 09:33 AM)
First Poster

Hello all

I’m interested to see if anybody has experienced an issue like this before…

I recently purchased a Samsung Q95T and have hooked my old LG LAS355B sound bar & wired subwoofer up to it. It works fine as with my previous Samsung TV, but it keeps doing a few annoying little things that bug me.

1: Every time I mute the volume (I generally do this during ad breaks) it unmutes itself when a new advert starts. It also unmutes when I change the TV channels. If I’m on an app like Netflix or Disney + then it won’t stay muted at all. I click mute, it mutes for a second, and then the sound comes back on!

2: It seems to randomly jump from the volume I have it set to (usually around 22 in standard mode and around 10 in Cinema mode for gaming), way up to around 35 - 40. I can’t seem to see any reason for this, it just does it when it feels like it! This is extremely annoying because it BLASTS out at a ridiculous volume when you aren’t expecting it.

Has anybody come across this before? I’ve done a pretty thorough Google search and can’t seem to find anybody with the same issue. I’m curious if there’s a simple fix before I bite the bullet and just buy a Samsung Sound bar!

Many thanks.