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Samsung Multiroom App Still Broken After 24 Months!

(Topic created on: 26-01-2020 12:36 PM)

I have a Samsung multiroom system that comprises:

Samsung WAM6500  R6 Wireless 360 x 3
Samsung WAM3500  R3 Wireless 360 x 2
Samsung WAM1500  R1 Wireless 360 x 4
Samsung HWJ6500R Curved SoundbarSoundbar x 1
Samsung WAM250   Wireless Audio Multiroom Hub x 1

I've had this system for well over two years now and it has been great, except for one major flaw!

For well over 18 months now, I've had an issue when opening "Deezer" playlists from within the "Samsung Multiroom" app on any of my many Samsung devices, including Galaxy Note 10+, S9, S7E, S5 and various Samsung tablets.

Even tried the desltop app and that gave the same result.

All playlists worked fine until the last firmware update on the speakers, which was v3117.1, sometime in May 2018.

It is therefore obvious to anyone that something in that last update messed up the "Deezer" service within "Samsung Multiroom".

I have contacted both “Deezer” and “Samsung” numerous times, which aleays ends up with “Samsung” blaming “Deezer” and vice versa.

Never ending circle of blame!

A bit of a kick in the teeth to a loyal Samsung customer who purchased most of these speakers because they had a good "Deezer" promotion at the time.

This means my Multiroom system is now basically just a set of 10 expensive paperweights, costing well in excess of £2000 because someone, somewhere won’t do their goddamn job (be that Deezer or Samsung)!

Many other users have had the same issue, which is documented on the "Deezer" forums.

One of the members going to great lengths to explain and display on video the issue and how it can be replicated:

Please Samsung, take this issue seriously as it is not an isolated incident when many people have the same issue, despite Samsung denying that there have been any other reports.

Please don't try and teach granny to suck eggs by telling me to reset all speakers, router etc as this has already been done on many occasions.

To my knowledge the app is no longer being actively maintained (My personal observation) and it tends to be more integrated with SmartThings instead. That said, I don't know if your speakers do work with SmartThings but its worth a try

Thanks for the reply.


Yeah, thought as much, re: "Samsung Multiroom" not being maintained!


Get loyal customers to fork out £1000's only to basically withdraw any form of support only a few years later.


That app has been broken for a long time and if they are not gonna support it, they should let other app creators access to the software development side of it.  They'd do a far better job than Samsung, that's for sure.


Can't get these expensine paperweights (R360 speakers) to work with SmartThing, other than singularly via Bluetooth, which defeats the point of having a "Multiroom" system.


It's only a matter of time until SmartThings become old tech and Samsung dump that too!


I knew I should have invested in the SONOS system, but blindly supported my brand of choice, Samsung.


Regret it now of course!


Then again, SONOS just futtbucked their own long-time customers.


I don't see smartthings going away anytime soon with Samsung's current strategy.

That said, I firmly believe that such devices should be supported at least 5 years after launch, but that's just me.

Hopefully a moderator can supply some additional advice.

Hi Ripperoo,

Did you ever get a solution to the Multiroom App / Deezer log in problem please? As here am I with the same issue in May 2020. I can open the Deezer App with my password but the Multiroom App won't accept it. Tis is on top of the original problem of getting into Deezer via Multiroom but then not beig able to start music.

Regards Jane


Hi Jane D

I didn't really have an issue logging into Deezer from within the Multiroom app.


My issue was more to do with the fact that my newer playlists (created after May 2018) would not load and threw up one of two error messages ("Deezer: internal server error" or "Selected item is out of range").


The one remaining playlist I created before May 2018 still works fine though.


Not sure what Samsung or Deezer did with that firmware update, but one of them broke it and neither one of them care to communicate with the other in order to fix the issue.

Not sure about your log-in issue within the Multiroom app, but whenever I saw this issue mentioned previously, I seem to remember that it was suggested to log out of all connected devices and change your password via the Deezer website before re-trying.


The playlist loading issue I was having with Deezer was never resolved.


I contacted both Samsung and Deezer numerous time over an extended period of time about the fact that something happened with the v3117.1 firmware update, dated May 2018 that seemingly broke the Deezer integration to the point it was unusable.


Never got answer from either of them and they just sent me round in circles, blaming each other.


Then, to make matters worse discovered you can stream to multiple speakers at the same time via Spotify (albeit only one track to one speaker or group of speakers).


I'm currently trying out Tidal, which is very similar to Deezer in that you can stream multiple tracks to multiple speakers or speaker groups at the same time, which you cannot do with Spotify.


Although I realy like Deezer, I have reluctantly left them behind now as life is too short, to hope they (or Samsung) will fix it.


Loving Tidal ATM though.

First Poster
Totally agree with you. The wohle multiroom system including the app is so full uf bugs, its nearly impossible to use. I wasted *****loads of money for tla piece of ***** multiroom system. Samsung never again!

I initially had issues when I first got my Multiroom  speakers where they would lose connection or groupings within the app and it basically drove me mad!


My system consists of:

Samsung WAM6500 R6 Wireless 360 x 3
Samsung WAM3500 R3 Wireless 360 x 2
Samsung WAM1500 R1 Wireless 360 x 4
Samsung HWJ6500R Curved SoundbarSoundbar x 1

Samsung WAM250 Wireless Audio Multiroom Hub x 1


I do however always have a whole bunch of stuff connected both wired and wireless to the home router (Fritz!Box 7490) at the same time, such as 5 TVs, a couple of tablets, PC, laptop, 3 x phones, 2x XB1s, Hikvision CCTV etc so guessed some of my issues may have been to do with avaiable badwidth.


After a bit of digging around I read that using the "Samsung WAM250 Wireless Audio Multiroom Hub" provided more stable multiroom speaker cconnections as it in effect sets up its own dedicated network that only the speakers use.


Well, I already had a "Samsung WAM250 Wireless Audio Multiroom Hub" from when I was planning on purchasing the first generation Samsung Multiroom speakers (the traingular ones).


So I added that to my system and after a bit of getting used to it, my whole home audio was and still is working perfectly.


It's just the Deezer integration that got messed up and spoiled things for me personally.


But like I said, I'm using Tidal ATM and have been listening to one of my favourite 10+ hour playlists all day without as much as a hiccup. :smiling-face:  Happy days!


The only issue I have is that one of my WAM6500s will increase, decrease, mute and unmute all by itself!  It's possessed by the ghost of Deezer!

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Hi JaneD,


were you able to sort out your Multiroom App / Deezer issue as I have the same issue?




4 weeks ago I posted that I'd switched to using Tidal and was loving the fact that I was able to listen to long playlists without issue and just like when I first started using Deezer, before the issues started.

Well, that was short-lived as about a week ago, after one of my playlists using the Tidal service had finished, I received an "Invalid Token" error message in Samsung Multiroom.

I ended up logginf out of Tidal and logging back in and now have the same "Invalid ID" log-in error that happens with Deezer.



The Tidal service is back up and running......for now!

This also occurs after changing my password on the Tidal website and updating it in Samsung Multiroom.

This sucks big time and I give up with Samsung ever fixing this as they have nothing but utter contempt for their loyal customers.

I've going to move over to Sonos as these Samsung pieces of ***** are worth no more of my time and effort!