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Q850t having EARC problem with lg cx

(Topic created on: 17-10-2021 08:09 PM)
Audio & Video

Hey friends!  So I got an HW-Q850t open box from Best Buy last week. I hooked it up to my LG CX, port 2 (earc) on lg cx and at first I was able to get Atmos content (saw the Atmos scrolling on bar) and control the volume of the soundbar with the LG magic remote. 
  Now when I turn on Tv, and the soundbar turns on with it, I get the circle with the line through it and no Atmos playing…but otherwise the q850t plays fine. I have been playing with settings, so it could be that but I think I have everything right , now. 
1) lg cx set to EARC, passthru,CEC/auto power/simplinK 

2) turned everything off and unplugged hdmi cable, inspected and then plugged back in. So far I haven’t reset anything 

3) ** when I’ve gone to reset device connection , and search for new soundbar again, I am able to program it where it “passes the test” by turning soundbar off with magic remote. 

so in short, the bar is producing sound…can obviously still use Samsung remote…no Atmos (also confirmed by being able to change sound setting on Star Wars/Disney plus)…and no volume control from magic remote…any ideas??