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NEED HELP! Samsung Freestyle 2 from China in Europe

(Topic created on: 19-01-2024 05:42 PM)
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Hi there!

I need help with my Samsung Freestyle 2, which I bought in China. It has a firmware version 1222, with only Chinese and English, and very limited applications. When I returned to Europe, I wanted to change the firmware to the normal European version, but Freestyle couldn't find any new version. So, I decided to do a Factory Reset, thinking that the Freestyle would recognize that it was no longer in China and would allow me to choose the right region after the first power on. However, I ended up with everything still in Chinese, and after connecting to Wi-Fi, it was no longer able to connect to the server. As a result, I cannot log in to my Samsung account, and I have to skip this step. Now, I have an absolutely useless projector that can only work with HDMI!

I contacted Samsung Service in Latvia and asking for help with European firmware, but they refused. I am really disappointed!

Can you please help me find normal European firmware and make the Freestyle work as it should? I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

I appears your projector is region locked, for example if I buy a Samsung phone in the USA and try to use it in the UK Samsung can no longer be set up and 5g won't work. When you bought the freestyle 2 I am guessing it was set up and made to be used in China and that's the why you are having problems in Europe. You probably have to have a Chinese address and Samsung account to use it. So maybe try to set up a separate Chinese Samsung account but you may have problems with it needing a Chinese address and phone number.
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That is not correct, if you buy phone or watch or etc... overseas the warranty will not be valid outside of the country you purchased it.

It will work overseas, but if you have issues like now they won't help you

Bring the projector back to China, support there will help you, but providing overseas firmware is not part of the support package