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Multiroom App and Deezer


I've been told by Tech Support today (I had to contact them as they don't call me)  that Deezer is no longer supported via the Multiroom App. This appears to be Samsung's solution to mine and other users problems with accessing Deezer via the App. They haven't chosen to tell any of us and Deezer still appears within the choice of Apps. I'm told it will be removed when they next update Multiroom. I'm appalled with their response to this problem! They can't tell me which streaming service they will support next via Multiroom. As of last week Deezer didn't know they were being ditched.

Like others we have commited a lot of money to Samsung Audio equipment and feel we have been sold a pup. Afterall we signed up to Deezer as it was part of the package on offer when we purchased the R7 Egg. 

I have used the Support link to email the CEO and suggest that others do the same. It seems that putting comments on this Community page brings no results, except incredulous emails that tell me I have been awarded a badge! Or have Kudos! All for highlighting a problem that Samsung doesn't want to fix.


Jane D


Well, this is very bad news!


As you say, a lot of us Samsung R360 speaker owners bought these speakers due to the included Deezer promotion.


I personally (and stupidly) used the included Deezer promotion as justification to buy more speakers and my thoughts were that I could offset the cost of buying the overly expensive speakers by saving £240 over two years as I could claim the maximum 24 months worth of Deezer Premium (which was £10 per month).


Only problem being that, I got about six months out of it before the playlist issue occured, making the service utterly useless for me and some others, but strangley not all from what I can gather.


I remember you, JaneD, asking me a few weeks ago whether I'd managed to sort the log-in issue.  Initially I thought you were on about the playlist issue, but then realised it was a newer issue regarding logging in to the Deezer service within Samsung Multiroom of which I wasn't aware.


I hadn't had this issue before, so logged out of Deezer at the time and when I tried to log in, there it was "Invalid ID".


I personally wasn't too bothered at this point as I'd started using Tidal, which as you probably already know is another streaming service that is also available in the Samsung Multiroom app.


Well that was great for all of three weeks until I started getting the same log-in error as I did in Deezer about a week ago.


I mentioned it on here and a few other people had the same issue and I also contacted Tidal customer support.


Well someone did something, be it Samsung or Tidal, but the service was back up and running again last night.


I hoped in my heart of hearts that the Tidal issue was a similar to what was happening with Deezer had and could be easily rectified if the right tech person was tasked with sorting it out.


This does not seem the case from from what you've been told by Tech Support and that sucks big time.


You should share that CEO email link here so that we can all be sure to send to the same email address.


Have you been on the Deezer community forum to see if any of the support staff on there can clear this up?



OMG!! It's working again!!!!

Thanks Samsung


Just tried it today and it appears to be working again... give it a go :smiling-face:


Unfortunately it doesn't work with my account (in Germany). I can connect to deezer with my soundbar MS750 but not with my WAM 6500.


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