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HW-T550 micro cuts in sound when source is DTS

(Topic created on: 10-08-2020 12:20 PM)
First Poster

Hello, I've recently purchased the HW-T550 sound bar and I'm mostly happy with the sound quality but I noticed something very annoying that kind of ruins the experience :


When feeding it a DTS signal, the sound randomly cuts off for a fraction of a second every 20 minutes or so. I have tried two different sources (a blu-ray player and the TV) so I know it's definitely the sound bar and not the source.


I tried hooking it up with severalHDMI cables or the optical cable that came with it, but it issue still arrises. It never happens with a source that is not DTS (Dolby and AC3 work fine, whether it comes from a file or Netflix), and it only happens when playing a file that has DTS sound (so far it hasn't happened with a DTS track on a blu ray but I need to do more testing).


It's almost as if the amplifier that's in the sound bar has a hard time keeping up with the decoding of the signal. I'm already running the latest firmware so it might not be a known issue yet.


Any thoughts or anyone else having this issue ?


Thanks in advance.