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HW-Q90R Firmware Update Not Working

(Topic created on: 18-02-2020 07:14 AM)
First Poster

I've googled for hours and read every forum post I found. I have been having the rear speaker disconnect issue after they fall asleep, and I'm trying to follow the firmware update instructions to no avail.


First of all, the smartthings app just doesnt appear to be an option. It sees the device, allows me to begin the connection procedure, and then when it comes time to select a network to use...the network screen is just blank. No wifi networks listed. So I try to add the network manually using the exact excryption settings i've used when setting up the network...nope. Wont connect to the network and it refuses to discover any networks.


So I move on to the manual update. I download the manual firmware update and follow the instructions to get it on the main soundbar. That seemed to work great, so I thought I was in the clear. Then, it says to do the procedure to update the speakers firmware. Make sure text is displaying on the bar and hold the down button until you see the word "UPDATE". Well I do this and the oonly thing that shows is "NOT AVAILABLE". Not sure where to procede from here.