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HDMI sound output has now started to disappear

(Topic created on: 4 weeks ago)
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In my sound output options I have 4 options. Now for some reason the HDMI option disappears. I can select it and it will stay on it for a little bit but then switches back to TV speaker. But the sound still comes through my surround sound system just at about half the volume. The option of HDMI will then disappear. My viegin remote turns on my TV and my virgin box. And when done so this used to make my surround sound system also turn on. Now this doesn't happen and I think this must be linked into the fact the HDMI issue. I must have had the sound output as HDMI and it all kicked in when power buttons in my virgin remotes were pressed. I can choose optical output as the sound output but the SS system now won't turn on without the remote for it. Sometimes pressing vokumeup on the TV remote would make the SS system turn on but this seems to be random and I'm not sure why. 

Very very frustrating 

I played with so many settings when I got my TV and ended up having to use a HDMI splitter to get my SS through each 3 of my different inputs(virgin box, firestick and PS5) So now that it's stopped working for no apparent reason it's extra annoying 


Hi @Members_Fu7Fyjw 

Are you still having this issue, and have you tried changing your HDMI cables?