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connection issues

(Topic created on: 10-12-2018 12:53 PM)
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hey all I have recently bought a 65 inch UE65NU8000 and with it a HW-MS650 Smart Sound Bar, I also have a panasonic 4k blu ray player a freeview box and sky attached, bar is wireless and the others are through hdmi, all was working fine for about a week and last night nothing but trouble, first I found that although on initial setup it detected the blu ray player when I swopped to the hdmi it was attached to it would not show up, kept giving me a not detected and player was powered off, sky is working fine! after several tries swopping leads and reconnecting it appears to have resloved itself and is now detecting the player and freeview fine now.


Next issue, oh dear where do I start? I connected the sound bar via wifi first time aand all was fine but last night it would not connnect, kept saying wifi disconnected, it would however work via BT but I can't change sound settings in BT and can in wifi, I've download and used the mobile app and managed to get it to connect but, two things, one it started to say (as I remember) the bitsettings were in compatable, this seemed to resolve it self after a few tries and two, when does connect it gives a on screen message saying configuring speaker settings, something it never did before. Another thing I've noticed, when I power off the tv the soundbar will go off as intended but on power up the bar doesn't come on, I have to turn on via remote, and before it would, do I have a faulty bar or tv? any ideas?

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I suggest you start by doing a coldboot by unplugging all devices related to your TV and the soundbar and keep pressing the POWER button on both devices for 30 sec
After, you can reconnect them


  • For TV:


You need to connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC port and at the settings you have to activate the Anynet + option


  • For the soundbar:


You must reset the sound bar by pressing the two buttons (+ and -) until the message INIT appears on the display

The sound bar will turn off, you connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC port and you check that the Anynet + option is enabled by holding the right button on the remote until the appearance ON-ANYNET


Normally it should work properly

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