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Note 8 case LED icon removal ( Note 8 cover )

(Topic created on: 26-05-2018 11:33 PM)
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I often open and close the cover so I can see the time. Great for us who need to see the time quickly.  Great for night time use. Great for discreet checking of the time in a meeting. Multiple benefits and great idea. HOWEVER what's annoying is when I am listening to audio apps or music the time does not display until the LED cover insists on showing me that I'm listening to music.  Guess what, i already know that I'm listening to an audio app because i can hear it - so why waste time by showing me this in the LED icon display? What also  slooooooowwws  my mission in simply wanting to know the  time is when the phone is on charge and i have to wait to read the current charge level. Seeing the charge level i can put up with but why is it necessary to show me that I'm listening to an audio app or music for what seems like to be about 10 seconds? Then show the charge level, then finally the time?  By the way blink or look away because you get impatient seeing that 'look I'm listening to an app icon' means you'll miss the time and have to start again.


My question is: How can you remove or delete an icon preloaded to associate with an app? The icon editor does not have this function. 

Hi @2dogs

It's possible to create new LED icons for apps and contacts however you won't be able to remove or delete an icon associated with an app. To create an new LED icon for an app please go to Settings > Advanced Features > Accessories > LED Icon Editor > LED Notifications Icons > Tap the blue circle in the bottom right > Create your icon > Save. You can then tap 'Add application' with the icon selected to assign an app.