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Caller Display On LED View Case S8+

(Topic created on: 26-08-2018 10:58 PM)
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Hi Everyone,

I am a new user here so please bear with me!

I have just bought a LED View case for my S8+ and very nice it is. However, it doesn't seem to display the caller name when someone calls me, only the number.

I have attempted to use the Icon Editor which is tricky to use at the best of times but have managed to input some of the shorter names in my contact list. However, some of the longer names simply won't fit in the tiny area available on the editor.

My contacts list all have have names associated with their numbers, and the phone is configured to display these by default. The old case I had previously displays the caller name and number, but I had to open the flip to see this. I was hoping the LED view case was able to display the name without opening the case. Answering or rejecting the calls without opening the case works fine.

Can anyone help me?

First Poster

I have same problem, when someone calls me I only see number of the caller and not name. This is very dissapointing since I used to have S7 smartcover which worked perfectly and now when I bought newer version of smart cover it lacks one of the primary attributes that is important for these kind of product. Maybe it would been better to buy clear view cover rather than this led view. Does someone has any suggestions how to repair this problem?