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A plea to the Samsung Led Case developers (just in case they see this).

(Topic created on: 05-05-2020 08:16 PM)

The LED cases are great. They’ve been around some time now, and a few little tweaks would make them miles better.


  • Please provide an export/import function for custom icons. This would make it much quicker when switching to a new phone. In addition, users could post their creations (perhaps on the Samsung forum) for others to use. This would also draw attention to the LED Case, and should increase sales of the product. I’m sure there would be people who would like some of my icons – see attached pictures. This would be simple to achieve, a simple one bit depth bitmap would do the job admirably, and the exported file could be viewed on PCs without any additional software.
  • Android has moved on since the LED case was introduced. Notification categories have been introduced and are now widely used by apps. Please allow the choice of notification category when choosing an icon. This would allow more than one icon for an app, based upon category and/or no LED activation for some categories. A default icon could be chosen for “all-other-categories” with the option of no LED activation for these.
  • Allow the creation of custom animated icons, with no more than three or five frames. The same icon editor could be used, just with a choice of frame. Export could be via a multi bit depth bitmap.
  • It’s about time there was an API for developers to use to interact with the case. With this, it would probably be a good idea to let the user choose which apps can control the case. ( Technically, this means the interface could be via a startActivityForResult() intent, as then getCallingActivity() can be used to check which package the request is from. }
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I think these are great suggestions - have wondered about some of these myself!