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whatsapp and Gear S after android pie not working

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After updating my Galaxy S9+ to android pie (9) whatsapp notification doesnt make sound or vibrate and if i notice there is one it just blank "Just whatsapp logo and black screen" cant see who or what in that msg in the watch.

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Hi @Jrs418.


Did you manage to get this working again or are you still having the issue?

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Hi  @ChrisM

sound and vibrate is working but still msg blank, there is nothing but whatsapp icon and 3 dot ( replay to xxx, mark as read and clear )


just note, i reset the watch and removed whatsapp, still same

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I have the same problem with my Gear S since the Android 9 update on my Note 9. Resetting the Gear and the Note 9 (as suggested by the customer support) did not help.

Its very unnerving, I haven't found a solution for it until yet ....


:-( :-( Rich


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I have the same problem. Whatsapp message showing on the watch screen but not vibrate or sound notification working. I reset my phone (s7 Edge) anda watch, reinstall whatsapp and still not working...

Samsung support is not helping!!!

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HI, i have the same problem with my Gear 2.

I am having a similar problem with WhatsApp, and believe it is a notification issue within Pie.

For some apps I use a notification reminder "Prof Reminder / Missed Call Reminder" where I can set the notification sound and repeat duration.

With WhatsApp I get the initial notification sound, but no repeat, but with BlueMail (email client) it works perfectly.

Have checked all the permissions and settings many times, and all seem to be correct.

Has anyone else had this problem, as with the previous version of Android, 8.1, it worked perfectly well.

Maybe it is an issue with the doze control, or something similar.

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Samsung is not interested in customers! if we have an apple watch and same problem, apple support wold help us...

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A hard reset, with wipe, etc, solved the same problem for me.  

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I have the same problem with WhatsApp and Telegram using my Gear S and Note 9. Gmail seems to work fine. Went as far as reflashing gear with no luck. If anyone has any suggestions or a fix. 

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