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White Screen when I try to log into my Samsung Account

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Samsung knows the story already but I felt I had to add my complaint to the pile. I would like to add that this is my first Samsung watch (having been a Garmin user for many years). Not feeling great about this purchase now.


I'm unable to log into my Samsung Account for a few days now. When I try to I get a blank white screen. I've been trying buy a new watch face but as I'm unable to log in I cant purchase anything or download any apps.


I basically have a very expensive step counter. 


Please any update on this issue would be very much appreciated.  

Enda Powell

Same problem here.. Im very disappointed with this. I cant use watch properly because I cant login on my cell phone (Huawei P20). If they cant solve this problem im going to get money back for watch and buy Garmin. The worst that is happning, Samsung didnt even make some announcment or any type of message about his problem... Really shame.

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It was doing that for me too, but I tried it again an suddenly the right form came up. Patience.
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