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Gear watch weather failure challenge!

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Hello All, 

I bought a new gear watch 46 mm. Unfortunately, the weather app didn't work on my gear watch since day one. I installed all updates in vain.  So far, It hasn't even opened once. Every time I open the App menu and click the weather,  a submenu opens with location and settings but whenever I click on either of these two to setup the weather, it just sends me one step back to the Apps menu. No messages, no settings, Nothing! Just back one step. I tried uninstalling and installing 3 times  resetting the watch, the connections,, etc but I always end up with the same result. Any thoughts? I'd really appreciate any ideas or advice to help me solve this challenge.

Thanks in advance.

AndrewL Moderator
@Johncruez: I've had a look into this for you and can see that the Weather app on the Galaxy Watch requires you to set a location on a connected mobile device, therefore if you are using the watch by itself then it won't be possible to utilise the app. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Hi Andrew, 

I really appreciate that you took the time to look at my problem and provide a solution. FYI, I'm using the watch in conjunction with a mobile phone that's already set to a location and I have the permission for location turned on for the gear wear app. Any further ideas?

Thanks a million 

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