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GPS on Gear Fit 2 Pro

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I bught my wife a Gear Fit Pro 2 as a present. She had been using the orginal Gear Fit for a few years now and the battery isnt lasting so long, so I thought it was time for an update.


Initially she loved the new watch as it does so much more than the old one. My wife is using the watch to track distance as part of a 1000 mile in a year walking challenge.

But then this week she started complaining that the watch would stop tracking her walks. After a little more investigation it looks like the watch looses sight of the GPS satellites, and then never recovers. Every time it seems to drop out when walking under trees. The weather has been much cloudier this week also, where as for the last month we had blue skys. This wouldn't be a problem dropping out momentarilly, but the GPS never resumes after that. If you look at the watch it says the GPS is connected (small green marker at the top of the screen) but the milage never increases again on the watch and after the walk her phone data is also wrong, so after a 5 mile walk the watch still say 1.2 miles (or whatever it was at when it stopped).


We tried turning off the GPS on the watch, but the distance recorded was massively out, 0.6 miles under on a 3.5 mile walk. I used my GPS to measure this and its always repeatable to within around 0.1 miles.


Any suggestions? I'm planning to take the watch back and ask for a refund if theres no obvious solution.

May be a software glitch, in which case i would back up the device and then do a factory reset. If that doesnt resolve the issue then it needs to be sent in for repair.
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