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Gear IconX 2018: PC Software error

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Having recently bought the IconX, I'm trying to install the PC software to transfer music directly to the earbuds on a Windows 10 machine.

However after the installation finishes and I try to launch the program I keep getting the following error message popping up:


"the ordinal 7138 could not be located in the dynamic link library c:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Gear IconX\Gear IconX.exe"

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I have been consulting prof Google for a few minutes and although haven't found anything exactly the same, some similar error messages (interestingly Samsung related also, mostly!) seem to have been resolved by installing MS Visual C++ 2008 SP1.


I have tried installing the x64 and x86 versions directly from MS with no avail.

I've also tried a newer versions from the MS again, but still the same issue.


Another interesting fact: After installing the software, if I double click the installation file/package again, it tells me that a newer version is already installed!!! and in order to install this version I need to uninstall the newer version first!


Can anybody provide some help on how I can get this software functioning?!


Many thanks


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I'm bumping this up the list to hopefully get a response!


Are there any Samsung mods in these forums??

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I get the same, error, found in the web that looking at the path were they software is installed are the drivers, install the drivers but still same error, on the Samsumng page I downloaded the lates software from their site which shows compatible with windows 10 but still same error. ... 

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after trying so many things... thins work for me for the gear iconx...even though the video is for the smart watch...


hope it works for you too.



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Thank you very much


Not sure how you related these 2 problems together! as the error codes are actually different and the platforms and devices that are causing it also... but nonetheless it does seem to work



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