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Galaxy watch active display

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Hi my new active watch that I've had for just over a week, the display screen randomly goes very large  and I have to turn it off to reset it?

Very annoying 

Anyone help please20191019_112351.jpg


DannyT Moderator
Hey, @Cherie67.

Does this happen after doing anything in particular? Or is it completely random? Have you downloaded a custom watch face? If so, does this happen when you use a default watch face?


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Hiya, it is random on a default watch face, or any other screens and freezes. All updates are up to date, and u reset it last night 

TessM Moderator

Has the reset solved the issue? If not, the best thing to do at this stage would be taking this to one of our Support Centres to be inspected by one of our engineers. You can find your nearest one by following this link:

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