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Galaxy Watch Active 2 Encryption critical bug and other issues


Having same issue here with encryption. PIN comes up all the time no matter what!!! Samsung fails terribly with this basic for people that conduct email corporate businesses. Returning mine today after 1 day of usage  :/ 


Same here Pal. I'm returning mine after 1 day of usage. Can't use it without encryption as my corporation requires this feature in order to emailing others. 


Same problem for me.  Looks like I'll be returning this watch.

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A new update has been just received by Samsung.


I have installed it but i have not tried the encryption yet....anyone brave? 


I already returned mine. I think I'll not have the chance to find out :(

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Just got done installing the update and started the encryption process.  It failed with the wrong PIN issue again. 

I factory reset and tried again.  Failed.  Ugh ...




Update?  What update is this as I don't see one?  In the Galaxy Wearable app if I click 'Galaxy Watch Active2\Watch software udate\Download and install' -  nothing happens.


My softeware version is currently R820XXU1ASHF


Whats the version of the update?





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Mine was updated from R820XXU1BSI9 to R820XXU1BSJ6

I didn't find anything online about the update being specific to any region.  




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Hooray, I'm happy and sad!


Happy that it turns out that I'm not the only one with the encryption / pin error. Sad that something so basic is not being adressed, especially since after the update this error still exists (tried it a moment ago). No email for me on this watch it seems.


Other things that are simply missing are:

- Good Google maps integration (not those standalone apps)

- NFC payment feature (I don't mind Samsung pay but would love Google Pay)

- Google Assistant integration (Not that hack that does not link correctly to your Google Account)

- Samsung Smart Hub integration (Come on guys, this is in your own eco system. The one with the standalone app does not valid it for me via the weird website activation) 

- Chromecast support (when something is casting in your network, controls around what is being casted, not just if it plays on your mobile but true cast support)

- Good pilot app with navigation (Garmin Pilot or something, okay maybe this one is not so important)


It seems like Samsung is not able to compete on the software side of things. Too bad, the hardware is good.

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returning mine after 2 days as well.  Need encryption software to download corp email.  

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