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Ambient Sound - does it really work?

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Picked up some buds yesterday. White ones. All is well except ambient sound, and I am not sure whether there is a problem  with my buds, or simply that ambient mode is not that good.

I notice some difference with it set to max, but only if I pause music playback. If music is playing, ambient mode make no difference whatsoever.

Before you ask, I am running the latest software, I have cleaned the buds (they are only a day old anyway), I have unpaired and paired them again, and I have even done a factory reset. I have also spoken with customer services.

If it makes any difference, my phone is a Note 10 Plus.

Comments anyone?

SaudA Moderator
Hi @Dalitrel

Just so we're on the same page, the Ambient sound does not work at all or do you feel the external sound isn't loud enough?

Also, does it turn off during calls?
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As I explained, I only noticed a small difference if I pause music playback. When music is playing, I find that ambient sound makes no difference.

I am trying to find out whether this is normal, i.e. ambient sound is just not that good, or whether I should notice an obvious difference, in which case my earbuds may not be working as they should.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Dalitrel 


We can certainly say that it's not normal for you to be unable to hear anything when your music is playing, as this defeats the object of Ambient Sound. Have you tried experimenting with the volume levels of your music? 

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