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Active 2 battery draining too fast

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I purchased a Samsung Active 2 watch on Saturday. On Sunday, I had to recharge it before bed, which I did (to 100%). I had to charge it again this morning, as it had drained 50% overnight. I again charged it to 100%, and it completely died 4 hours later. I was not using any of the features on it, nor was "always on" on. I did the update yesterday, even though I had just gotten it the day before. I do not know what is going on, or if this is just a defective watch. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @jdudley4 ,


that doesn't look right to me. Can you confirm which phone do you have connected this to? Are you also able to send me a screenshot of the watch battery usage when this drop to 40% from a full charge? 


You can get this from Galaxy Wearable app > Settings > About Watch > Battery.

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Screenshot_20191120-094856_Watch Active2 Plugin.jpg


Screenshot_20191120-094852_Watch Active2 Plugin.jpg


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And now it is at 12% 45 minutes later...


Mine is also draining very fast. I removed a bunch a widgets like 'weather' because an article told me that could be it, but it is still draining at least 10% every hour

Thinking about returning this defective product

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