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£ sign on S3 keyboard

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I am trying to enter a password on my Tab S3 but when I tap on the box and the Sasung keyboard comes up there is no £ symbol and only 1/1 page of symbols available.  The keyboard is set to English  (UK) and updated.  Only the $ sign is there, any ideas?

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AndrewL Moderator
@SamboH: Where did you purchase the Tab S3 from? Tapping on the symbol button in the bottom left corner of the Samsung Keyboard should bring up a page of symbol options, including the Pound, Euro and Dollar symbols amongst others. If this isn't the case, are you able to provide a screen shot of the symbol screen to give me a better idea of what you're experiencing?
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Superuser I

@SamboH  Are you talking about a physical Samsung Keyboard or the keyboard on the screen ?




Where exactly, on the physical keyboard, where is the £ key ?



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Screenshot_20190809-083700_Settings.jpgThis is what I get. Oddly when I'm using it on here I get the symbols so it's just when in the settings ?

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