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Wifi speed difference between tab & phone

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I have a an S4 tab an S8 phone & a company iPhone, the tab can't open the Ebay or Amazon apps when on my home wifi but fine on other wifi networks & fine on 4G.

When I conduct a speed test using the same app the S8 returns 34mbps, the iphone 5.2mbps & the S4 5.2mbps.

Has anyone experienced their Tab S4 not opening the Ebay & Amazon apps fully? The apps load but can't reveal any images & times out.

On occasion the S8 comes out in sympathy with the Tab S4 with identical not working results.

It was fine upto just recently.

Any advice much appreciated.



TessM Moderator

Hi @Crea7ion ,


that is odd. To provide you with the right support, can you confirm if this is only happening with these two apps and when the tab is connected to your home Wi-Fi or is this also happening when you connect the device to a different network?



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