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How do i associate an app with a file type

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I am a guitar player and have downloaded some gp5 guitar tabs.

I have also downloaded tuxguitar which can play gp5 files.

When i try to open the files from myfiles i get cannot open file search googleplay.

When i open the files with total commander im given a list of apps and have to select tuxguitar every time.

How do i set tuxguitar to always always open gp5 files?

Why is everything so difficult in android?

Annette tab a 10.1(6)
AndrewL Moderator
@AnnetteE: The TuxGuitar app can open Guitar Pro and Power Tab files, so if you've downloaded tabs that are not from these sources then that might be why you're having issues. Have you tried downloading a tab directly from Guitar Pro to see if you have any more success? For further clarification I recommend reaching out to the app developer at as they may be able to shed more light on the issues you're experiencing.
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Its not just gp* files its any non standard files that ive got an app for.


Sort of got it working in total commander- still asks me if i want to play as music but at least it opens automatically in tuxguitar p.


Still doesnt work in myfiles though.


Android is still rubbish though - ok for phone type stuff but not much cop at being a PC replacement.





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