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Gmail on Note 10.1 tablet, big issues

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I have had no problems in 4 years of happy use but since early October Gmail is not working properly on my tablet. It is just fine on Samsung S6 and on laptop, it's just the tablet.  The emails are loading and synching just fine but the display shows the star and the sender squished together and when clicking on an email is does not load/open. Sometimes the top/newest one will load as default but if you click on any other it will not open. What does happen is that you fill the 'important' yellow star.  I have tried reinstalling latest from Playstore but still the same.  What to do? I am resorting to using another email app but now Google are sending me messages saying that it's insecure etc etc.

Please help fix Gmail on Samsung Note 10.1.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @welshgirl.


Are you using the actual Gmail app on your tablet or have you added your Gmail account to the standard Samsung email app?

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I am using the app, or trying to.   I also have my Gmail account added to the onboard mail. I have resorted to using that as mentioned above but Google keep telling me it's insecure - wouldn't mind if theirs was working!  Any ideas on why Gmail is suddenly not working. Nothing has changed my end.

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