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Galaxy Tab A 10.5 Pie Update???

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Thanks for your response i will check tonight the option offered in Pie... 


Technically, nobody goes in Developer Tools  to change settings "except" Advance Users but i am not a advanced user so.. but i see the difference in your screenshot if i zoom it ...


In Oreo, you have the choiceScreenshot_20190620-124441_Settings.jpg


but i find nothing like this on my Tab S4 with Pie except MSAA 4X MultiSample Anti-Aliasing helps improve the quality of graphics in OpenGL ES 2.0 games and applications. BUT NOT SURE ABOUT THIS FUNCTION, maybe you can explain it to me ?!!!




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In Oreo you can choose between Default OpenGL and Skia.
In Pie you can't. In Pie you're forced to use Skia (that's why you can't find it in Developer Tools in Pie).

Skia has issues rendering images and videos, just like it's been reported on the link I pasted previously, but also reported to google. Even you saw the difference in the screenshots I created. On 10.5" screen it's even more obvious.

I wouldn't like to update to Android Pie if I'm going to experience these issues because I use my tablet mainly as a multimedia device. If multimedia is going to be rendered pixelated, then what's the point of having a multimedia device if multimedia tasks are being executed poorly.

I already have a phone with Android Pie, and it's doing the exact thing: rendering videos and images poorly, pixelated, everywhere other than in Chrome and Youtube. And I wouldn't like my tablet to suffer from the same problem, which is why I'm reluctant to initiate the update installation.
I hope this makes more sense now.


Ok now I'm starting to think updating to pie isn't a good idea until this gets fixed...


Hi. Dont think your mgs was for me? Pie is working great on my tablet. No problems at all.  Running smooth. Better than oreo. The whole layout has changed which is good   performace is great. Few new features. Love it on my tablet. Exually they are selling this tablet with pie out of the box.  You should update.  Its great.  Far smoother.  I have pie on my s9 plus and havent any problems.  Your gona have to do it sometime.  I would honestly say if there is any problems. But i have no problems at all after update.  Im really happy with it.


Im on youtube all the time and i havent had any problems since pie update. It waa worse on oreo. How do you know your gona have problems of you update to pie?  Just because one person says it has problems doesnt mean its true for everyone.  Just update. 

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What do you think about @Sandin's  informations ? Like I told him this is for advanced users but i am a bit curious about opengl and skia but i also recommand to people to update their device like Maggs1 did...

Si j'ai pu vous aider un peu , cliquez sur le POUCE, Si j'ai résolu votre problème cliquez sur Accepter comme solution pour aider ceux qui se posent la même question. Merci

Ok if you're not having problems then I'm sure I won't either. Just wasn't sure if this was a common issue or not, looks like it's not. By the way Just heard that Pie got released for the wifi version, so I could receive it any day now. 




Can you please give us a feedback after you update your tablet?

Test apps other than Youtube and Chrome, and let us know about the graphics, images, videos, etc...


Thank you!


Also, feedback from anyone else who updated their tablet is more than welcome.


Either my comment was removed, or I removed it by mistake.


Here's my feedback.


Eventually, I did updated my tablet.


Twitch is working fine, video streams are working fine, 9gag videos are also working fine.


Images on some aps are "skewed", the ones that are scaled, looked bad. Straight line on those images aren't loaded straight.
I am experiencing these issues in AliExpress app, Youtube (profile Images), 9gag (profile images).
Here are some screenshots taken on my tablet:


Hopefully this feedback will be useful to other people willing to update to Android Pie.




@Sandin  hi. Happy to hear you uppgraded to pie on your tablet.  I find its really smooth. I like the whole layout and gallery layout is better and handy having recyle bin as i have deletted things by mistake. Really happy with pie on my tablet

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