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strange problem with 40K5500

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Hi, after firmware update (automatic... I didn't forced it) I see that when looking some TV channel (not in HD) and move volume up or down, video is noisy. When volume notification disappear image is ok



any one got this problem?

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Thanks for posting Cla_1971, and welcome to the Community!


Can you clairfy for us the issue you're getting with your TV after the update? Which version did your TV update to? Menu > Support > Contact Samsung. 


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Hi again,

Now my TV has firmware release 1142 (I read this morning that 1154 release is available).


I didn't see this problem before, when I unpacked and turn it on the first time. I'm sure because I looked at every channel and I didn't see anything strange. I saw that a firmware update was available.


When I see channel 4,5,6 and some others  (not HD) I see it distorted especially when info about channel are displayed; then everything is ok. If you move up or down volume (and volume infos are displayed) distortions come again.

I uploade a short clip here:


No problem with some other NO-HD channels, and no problems with HD Channels


Any idea?




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Version 1154 is available


Head to the Support page for your TV > Head to 'Downloads and Manuals' and scroll down to 'Firmware'. You can download this to a USB stick, connect it to your TV and download the update that way. 




You have a poor TV signal. Do you have aerial antenna? Check signal quality for HD channels under menu.


I had similar issues with J series that near TV tower signal still was not strong enough with tried different passive antennas. I fixed this by replacing TV power cable to shielded one and signal quality improved.

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I'll check signal intensity and try to change antenna cable.
Firmware update can be done with USB only? TV is connected to web, does it download and install it by itself? (automatic update)
What is fixed with this release?

>What is fixed with this release?
No one knows, even Samsung support. Samsung is so secret for firmware updates that no changelogs are provided even if features are added(see for example confusion about HDR). Mostly as you can see new firmware introduces more bugs which may or may not later resolved by another update.

>Firmware update can be done with USB only? TV is connected to web, does it download and install it by itself?
Samsung has load balancing so updates are not pushed immediately to all so it may take some days also it takes time to download. Sometimes USB updates are released faster than by OTN. I doubt that firmware is at cause as TV signal decoding is at hardware level.
>I'll check signal intensity and try to change antenna cable.

Try different antenna cable but also try different power cord for TV.
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I can try but ..... why signal and image are always ok (on that TV channels) but not when some info are displayed on the screen? If volume isn't changed and no info are displayed, image is always ok ....

It may be related to fact that signal quality is poor and if some menu appears it may introduce some interference internally which can cause troubles. Digital TV has only two picture states either image is ok or not so if signal quality is barely acceptable then it may show artifacts.

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