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HTML5 video+subtitles fullscreen issue (2015 Tizen SmartTV)

In latest firmware I no longer can see subtitles in Tizen Browser for HTML5 videos when switching to fullscreen. Others please check if it same issue in your TV and in which firmware it still works correctly.

Examples for test(try both):
HTML5 video+VTT subtitles
HTML5 video+SRT subtitles

Hey Oto, thanks for posting!


What's the model code and software version of your TV? Menu > Support > Contact Samsung. 




I have UE43J5672SUXXH with 1471 firmware. Tried that same issue is on newer Samsung TVs also.

In IPTV apps subtitles doesn't show up anymore. Even that I had auto-update disabled it still somehow updated to latest firmware and broked HTML5 video support.


P.S. First shorturl is wrong, it should be


Thanks! :smileyhappy:


Have you done any troubleshooting steps yourself, like a Smart Hub Reset (Menu > Smart Hub > Reset Smart Hub) for example? 

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No as i would like to not lose any settings.


Also it won't give any good results as this issue is using Tizen Browser, if anyhting needs reset then it is Browser. Subtitles are shown if using window mode(inpage) but not when in fullscreen.


When viewing content on the web browser the TV does not produce the subtitles as it acts as a monitor. It would be the webpage that provides the subtitles. 


This would mean that it is not a fault with the TV. 


Hope this helps! :cathappy:


Wrong. It shows subtitles in Browser while it is not in fullscreen so it is Browser issue. Also it is not webpage player but Tizen Browser embedded player which plays HTML5 video in windowed or fullscreen mode. The video controls are Browser default ones, no scripts or CSS.


As you can see page is basic one without any scripts just link to video and subtitles.

<video controls="controls" width="320" height="176">
	<source src="jellies.mp4" type="video/mp4" /><!-- WebKit -->
	<source src="jellies.ogg" type="video/ogg" /><!-- Firefox / Opera -->
	<track src="" kind="subtitle" srclang="en-US" label="English" />	


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