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As per my download speed is 91mbps

i have mu8000 bought 3 months ago. i have same issue youtube work on very low quilty. if i use my Roku youbube app it work great even 4k. but samsung youtube app has somekind issue. please help if anyone know anything. 


I think the TVs WiFi reception is poor because nothing I did worked when trying to use it on WiFi so I ran a cat6 Ethernet cable directly from my router to the TV and it fixed the problem I now get full Wi-fi speed at the TV. Cable is very cheap if you can go that route. Hope this has helped.

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Samsung series 2, januar 2017.  TV is 2 meters from my Netgear Orbi Main box.  500 Mbps  Internett. Download speed on iphone 450mbps 4m from router.    Wifi in my Home is not the problem. Netflix app om TV is great with 4K via wifi. YouTube is not.  

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It seems if you connected the cable directly to your tv, then you are no longer using wi-fi???

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