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Strange audio issue while using DD+ (Netflix / Amazon prime video) on a Q6FAM (could affect any QLED model)


What firmware do you have on both TV and receiver? Yamaha should provide an update for earc for both 70 and 80 series, maybe you got that already? I just don't believe in miracles


On TV I have Firmware 1251 and on the receiver 1.51!


It's defintely diverse for me.. I have 1270.3 (but the TV is another model than yours) and 2.70 on the Yamaha (updated tonight!). No joy.


So I have tried a cheap Denon receiver with the TV, nothing. Denon support says that DD+ over ARC works but I coudn't get more than DD (which works very well with the Yamaha too). Returned the Denon and unhappy so far with Samsung support, John Lewis finally sent an engineer which could again only see the issue. No new hardware brought to test this further.
They're going to change the main board and, I have been told, use some firmware that it's not accessible to public. My expectation is that it's not going to change anything.
But please, welcome the world of cheap and working TVs. My "new" Hisense cheap TV works with Netflix and DD+: So, dear Samsung, a 1300 pounds Yamaha receiver doesn't support DD+? Very true, just with your 1300 pounds TV perhaps., but it works with a TV that costs less than 300 pounds. Happy days.

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Someone else with the same exact problem. It could have been me shooting that youtube video you posted, @R4W.


I Recently bought a Q75900R, and a Yamaha RXA3080, and experiencing the same issues with Dolby Digital +.

Everything works fine if I select Dolby Digital from the TV, but as soon as I select DD+, and pause/rewind a Netlix or Amazon Prime stream, the AV Receiver starts flickering between Decoder Off & DD +. 


I've tried different HDMIs.

Resetting the TV

Spoke to Customer Services, and they suggested a compatibility issue between the TV and the Yamaha. Have you been able to try with a different brand Atmos receiver? 


I am going to get my one connect box exchanged next week. Hoping maybe that might help.. (half-heartedly)


Have you been able to find a solution since you last posted in June 2019?









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Thank you for the reply.


2 Questions:


As for your first suggestion:

Do you mean buy a box like Apple TV and connect it to Yamaha directly avoding the TV all together? or would it work through our problematic setup (Apple Tv->Samsung Tv->Receiver)? 


You said you bought a cheap Denon, couldnt get DD+ and returned it,  but have you tried with another high end Atmos Receiver, similar class to your 3070 at the time? Maybe like a Denon AVCX6500? Should i give that a go or do you think it's a waste of time?


The Apple TV is to totally bypass the the TV, so it's attached to the Yamaha.
I have chosen that because it supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

I have also a Fire Stick 4k which works in the same setup, the difference is that the Fire stick does passthrough and Apple TV decodes the audio to PCM (still retaining Atmos metadata).


I didn't want to buy a highend one, especially because I didn't want to change the reciever. I just wanted to show them that another receiver of another brand didn't work too.

Maybe I'm too attached to the Yamaha brand, but I have always used them without any issues, until I bought that TV.


To be honest, I believe it's a waste of time and money (if you are not getting all the money returning it and paying for shipping it back), but I have bought a TV too in the process, so if you want to try and happy to keep the Denon in the rare case it works, let me know

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